Pilates with Hart offer tailored classes to create longer, leaner & more defined muscles from head to toe. Working out should be fun, challenging & ever changing. Each class is choreographed to keep your muscles guessing & will have you leaving feeling leaner, longer, sculpted & with increased energy.

Pilates Flow

Classes run with a continuous fluid pace that will incorporate

challenging & dynamic exercises.

Exercises are performed

with a continuous flow, working on progressively increasing your flexibility

and strength through a range of exercises with ongoing repetitions

Power Pilates

A fusion of our Pilates Flow incorporating cardiovascular exercises as well as full body strength building. The workout emphasis is on balance, control & core strength. It is a full body conditioning program that will lengthen & strengthen the muscles. 

Boxilates ®

The perfect fusion of cardio, strength & mind-body connection. BOXILATES ® is an interval style workout that marries the functional benefits of Pilates (Longer, Leaner muscles & increased joint health & mobility) with the high intensity cardio & coordination of boxing.

Toning Ball Sculpt

Toning Balls are used to add more resistance during your Pilates workout. They help to sculpt strong, healthy muscles without building bulk while also developing better balance, coordination & flexibility.